Friday, October 30, 2009

King of Pop Daler Mehndi Live Concert at Sirifort Auditorium on 2Nov 2009

From Dubai to Sambhal (India) to Udaipur & now Delhi, Daler Mehndi is busy enthralling legions of fans across the Globe.

He has a striking variety of fan following from the city urban slick to the aam janta of the villages, the expatriates and foreigners to the sadhu's of India, Daler Mehndi's musical charisma is at an all time high.

Delhi is being lucky again. The Power House performer is excited to be performing on the Birth Anniversary of HIS GURU - HIS IDOL and HIS SUPPORT as he fondly describes Baba Guru Nanak.

"I am blessed that Maharaj Baba Nanak is giving me an opportunity to sing on such an auspicious day. I am excitedly awaiting to perform. Although "Har Weley Har Dam Guru De Naal", but somehow it feels special." On asking what he will sing especially

on the 2nd Nov 2009, "he says loads of Praises of my Guru but I am not going to reveal much, but I can guarantee it will be unique."

Well we wish all the best to the King of Pop who is mesmerizing millions of heart of varied culture, languages and faiths with his Pop, Sufi, Folk, rock renditions.

He may sing anything there is a surety that all will sway to the tunes of the Pied Piper Melody.

Venue Address

Siri Fort Cultural Complex, August Kranti Marg
Siri Fort Auditorium
New Delhi 110049

Friday, October 23, 2009

Daler Mehndi Steals The Show In Ranchi

Daler Mehndi is a singer, songwriter and celebrity icon with a vast catalog of hit records and countless awards to his credit.

As a solo performer, he has enjoyed a level of superstardom from his debute album 'BOLO TA RA RA' days and when it comes to rockin' the crowd, there are none in the biz who can kick it quite like Daler Mehndi.

As expected, Daler Mehndi brought out the frenzy in the crowds at a recent 34th National Games (gymnastic, Hockey, Boxing, athletics etc) flag opening ceremony at Ranchi, drawing raucous applause from the crowd.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daler Mehndi's The Assansole Concert in West Bengal

The Assansole concert was a glittering affair making way to 60,000 people inside the venue and approximately 30,000 outside screaming to get in to see their favourite superstar Daler Mehndi perform.

The liquor Barron who was also the Organiser of the concert was overheard shouting, "Orribaba (Oh My God!) I have never seen such an ocean of human beings of all age groups belonging to a completely different culture and singing in Punjabi."

"I am overwhelmed at the love of people. Its magnitude is unfathomable. At one point during the performance, I was taken aback at the collective noise - that Roar - from the crowd - that I had to stop only to realize that was the crowd's exclamation was happiness at "Sajan Mere Satrangia". All this Love, affection and acceptance makes you grateful and humbles you", said Daler Mehndi.

The organiser had seen Daler Mehndi's concert in Durgapur and had vowed to get him to perform in Assansole. He managed it but fought against a lot of opposition from the local admin, since they did not want to be held responsible for any mishap
as a Daler Mehndi concert always involves huge crowds. Both the Police, the local admin are now grateful to the organizers for getting the King of Bhangra to Assansole.

Daler Mehndi live in concert in Dubai

Australia, New Zealand, Jaipur, Ranchi, New Delhi, Indore, Haridwar, Asansole and now Dubai Daler seems to be everywhere and everywhere it's the same scenario. Organizers shocked at the turnouts, fans going crazy, security finding hard to control the frenzied fans.

The recent concert at Assansole saw more than 60,000 attending the concert and more than 30,000 fans outside the venue screaming to catch a glimpse of the super star as per information from the police and concert authorities. After enthralling the Daler Mehndi parched audience to a 2 hour non stop livewire performance of superhit tracks, Daler is on his way to Dubai.

23rd October 2009, Daler Mehndi will be performing at the Dubai festival city. The 'Messiah of Masti' (as was titled by Gulf News) Daler's Dubai concert will feature his unbelievable energy and unforgettable songs 'Tunak Tunak', 'Shaa Ra Ra' - (that was shot in Dubai), Dardi Rab Rab, Rang De basanti, Kudiyan Shehr Diyan etc as well as other club hits such as “Coco”. 'We are sure that this event will be the most spectacular this year, quipped the organizers of the Dubai concert'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The King of Bollywood Pop started introducing Rock way back in the year 2000. He wrote "Sunna Sunna Vehra" , "Dil Jogi De Naal" - the songs had a grunge rock feel to them something absolutely oblique to the then Indian Music scenario, even his Music Label at the time - 'Universal Music' (an International Music Label) having access and exposure to the various kinds of music being created in the world, to whom he was signed didn't quite comprehend the sound.
It was only in 2007 MIDEM, France that BMG Music Publishing decided to sign the biggest song writer, composer from India - DALER MEHNDI. DALER MEHNDI became the first Indian Song Writer Composer to be signed by BMG which then soon became Universal Music Publishing. His first International Collaboration is with a British Punk Rock Band - the Wolfmen. The first single 'Do Naina' or 'TWO EYES' was released on I Tunes. Written and Composed by Daler Mehndi , the song has an infectious rhythm that is the singer's signature and grunge rock guitars. What is spectacular is the combination of the underlying melody fused in amazing precision with the rocker guitars. The power pitched vocals catapult it to a different zone which along with the rhythm evokes dancing. A great sound from the original Master Blaster of Entertainment. One that straddles the masses and the classes with his music.

Friday, August 28, 2009

DALER MEHNDI’S brand new foot tapping single KOKO on air

‘Top of the Top. King of Pop. King of Bhangra. London to Kangra’. These words are norhyme in felicitation of the King OF BHANGRA but an introduction to Daler’s new single “KOKO”. These are words penned by the Maverick Music Director Anu Malik for the King of Bhangra – DALER MEHNDI. Not only has he written them for Daler but also sung them. He wrote them just in a spur of a moment as we all have seen in the many shows that he judges.

The song has a history which the Bollywood King of Pop wishes to reveal himself and admonishes us to write about.

KOKO is written and composed by Daler Mehndi. It is a highly wicked and infectious track. The single has the signature Daler Mehndi stamp of pure entertainment, great rhythm with catchy beats. The song has Simple, catchy hook lines with the word ‘KOKO’ that he uses to describe his lady love.

As you listen to the track you feel Daler is surely up to something if one is to go by the lyrics. Who is this “KOKO”? , you ask and he smiles with the naughty glint in his eyes by answering “Har kissi ki life mein ek ‘KOKO’ hai jiske sath ladne aur mazak karne mein zindagi ka lutf hai! Ap enjoy kijiye sawal nahi! Kya ye apki life se juri baat nahi?”
The King of Pop leaves us with this mystery which we are sure to unearth for you soon when you will listen to the track.

T Series who have been vying to get Daler Mehndi on their Label for years now are really excited about this track.

It is for the first time in the History of Indian Music that a single is being released by India’s biggest Music label, may be they are keen to follow the success story of Daler Mehndi’s music label D Records that had released singles last year with 300 Saal Guru De NAAL and His first SUFI album “BISMILLAH” but for a mainstream label like T Series – this is their first ever single.

The video is shot by Azeem Parkar and is fully loaded with the Bhangra maestro’s signature steps that are sure to catch your fancy. You can now catch it, available now worldwide online and on mobiles . For more updates log on to –

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mind Blowing Concert held on 18th of july 2009 in Melbourne Australiac

Mind-blowing concert held on 18th of july 2009 in Melbourne-Australia. This video consist of 4 songs.. Namoh Namoh, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Dil mera naal & Tunak Tunak Tun.